The company always aims for 100 % satisfied customers. Our quality work includes:

  • Quality assurance -  involves finding forms of working and methods that result in our products and services having the properties that our customers require and request
  • Quality development -  involves developing the organisation's employees, forms of working and methods so it becomes even better at delivering products with the properties customers demand


The company's environmental policy is always to improve all processes in the company so the business gives rise to a continuously diminishing burden on the external and internal environment. Our environmental work includes:

  • Coordinating transports
  • Despatching our products in flat packs as far as possible
  • Using environmentally friendly products and as little as possible
  • Sorting our waste at source
  • Optimising the consumption of materials

We work continuously to improve the internal environment as well. Our focus is above all on:

  • Safety
  • Ergonomic workplaces
  • Good workplace lighting
  • Good air